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Wright Express Aligns with Energy Management Institute to Make Education a Priority for its Clients

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Wright Express announces a new alliance with the Energy Management Institute of New York demonstrating a clear focus on educating Wright Express customers to better manage risk and cost exposure relating to energy price volatility. The Energy Management Institute, which provides thought leadership and energy education programs worldwide to major oil and top energy end-users is working closely with Wright Express to deliver meaningful content and education programs that meet the challenges facing Wright Express client's in today's unpredictable energy markets.

"Wright Express is very excited about this initiative." Said Fred Madeira, Vice President, "through this program our valued customers will have access to professional workshops that are designed to help fleet managers identify and deploy tools and techniques that will help stabilize fuel budgets and drive out new efficiencies in purchasing, hedging, and consumption.

Through a careful balance of hands-on instruction, lecture and real-life example, the professional workshop programs will provide participants with a comprehensive exposure to macro & micro market fundamentals, margin preservation, supply management, risk management tools, alternative fuels, and cutting edge purchasing strategies that drive success in the energy markets.

"We are very proud to see a company such as Wright Express place a strong emphasis on educating their customers. This type of progressive thinking clearly raises the bar in the way a large vendor can care for its clients." Said Stephen Gloyd, Sr. Partner, for the Energy Management Institute. "In the face of ever increasing energy market volatility, companies whose bottom lines can be devastated with a spike in petroleum prices must be prepared to use every tool available to manage their exposure. Today's environment of tight supply, looming Middle East tensions, and a recovering U.S. economy make this an ideal time for Wright Express to launch such a program."

New York-based, Energy Management Institute ( provides specialized education services to major oil, Fortune 500 end-users and Top transportation fleets throughout the World. A division of Advanced Energy Commerce, it also provides critical business information services, thought leadership, and software, in the energy segments of Oil, Gas and Power. For more information please contact Stephen Gloyd at 410-796-2243.

South Portland-based Wright Express is the leading provider of fleet charge cards to the fleet maintenance and fueling industry with its cards accepted at more than 160,000 locations. Wright Express also provides information management, payment processing, and financial services to fleets through card partnerships. Through its own universal fleet card program, its partners' card programs and its MasterCard program, Wright Express has 3.8 million commercial cards in its markets. Wright Express LLC, a subsidiary of Cendant Corp., employs more than 640 people at its headquarters in South Portland, Maine and its subsidiary in Salt Lake City.

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